Does your organisation fund initiatives that sustainably combat human trafficking, modern slavery and irregular migration? The Ethical Recruitment Agency (TERA) provides safe livelihood options to people who would otherwise be vulnerable to exploitation.

We were launched by Seefar, a global social enterprise that has been running large-scale migration and security programmes in over 30 countries since 2014.

Protecting migrant workers


Too often, recruitment agencies take advantage of migrant workers by deceiving them about their working conditions and getting them into debt. Once overseas, workers often suffer additional exploitation at the hands of their employer, like the restriction of their movement or the confiscation of their personal items and documents.

TERA was launched to help people benefit from overseas work while protecting them from exploitation. We help them secure an exploitation-free job without charging them any recruitment fees. Once they’ve been placed with an overseas employer, we continue to support them and monitor their situation to ensure their rights are being respected.

A sustainable model

TERA responds to a demand from employers for more agencies that can commit to the highest ethical standards. More and more companies around the world are concerned about exploitation in their supply chains. But they lack recruitment partners who can uphold best practices at competitive prices.

TERA offers market-driven livelihood programming that creates sustainable change. Our model puts pressure on the private sector to eliminate exploitative practices while giving people safe and practical solutions to the challenges they face at home.

With the support of donor organisations, we can continue to expand our efforts to
tackle the exploitation of the migrant workers. Contact us today to find out how
your organisation can be part of our plan to create sweeping industry change.